Durians Menu

227 Katong Durian provides you and your family with daily servings of fresh durians at the greatest convenience! Choose from our wide variety of freshest and tastiest durians. We select only top-grade premium durians without the high price tag. All durians are hand-picked by us during the packing process to sift out those that are bruised, unripe or are not suitable for consumption.
Please call 9751 4828 to check on availability and pricing for our seasonal durian.



  • Kampong Durians (甘榜榴莲)

  • Red Prawn Durians (红虾榴莲)

  • D13 Durians (D13榴莲)

  • D24 Durians (D24榴莲)

  • Green Bamboo Durians (绿竹榴莲)

  • XO Durians (XO榴莲)

  • Black Pearl Durians (黑珍珠榴莲)

  • Golden Phoenix Durians (金风榴莲)

  • Mau San Wang Durians (猫山王榴莲)