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Our towkay Wong Yew Loon or “Ah Loon” started off as a hawker who turned full-time durian seller in 2008. From a makeshift stall, he progressed to the present shophouse at 227 East Coast Road.

Over the years, 227 Katong Durian started building its name and reputation. The brand became more and more reputable as people came to the shop for its trustworthiness and consistent quality.

The durian farm owners in Malaysia caught wind of 227 Katong Durian's increasing popularity and invited Ah Loon to visit their durian farms and plantations. Since then, Ah Loon will always head down to the farms before each durian season to check on the quality of each durian variety he brings in to Singapore.

Ah Loon has built a strong relationship with the durian farm owners and is always the first to pick the best of every durian crop.

227 Katong Durian gets its durians from the following:

Muar - D13, D101, D1, Kampung, Golden Phoenix, Old Tree Musang King, Green Bamboo, Black Thorn

Pahang & JB - D24 Sultan, Green Bamboo, Musang King, Black Pearl, XO

227 Katong Durian also organizes Durian parties for all types of events. Ranging from corporates to schools to government institutions, we never fail to impress our clients with our high-quality durians and professional services.

We have since expanded and now also sell fresh fruit and fruit juices.  With the launch of our new online store website, we hope to bring the best tasting durian and freshest fruits to your doorstep conveniently.


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